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I recommend Blogger and Wordpress for effective blog postings. It is faster to generate huge traffics in short period of time and provide you good backlinks too.


What exactly are you seeking?

A platform on which to have a blog?
"kingsweb" made a couple good suggestions. Blogger is a hosted solution that is popular. WordPress offers a hosted solution too, or many templates for self-hosted blogs. Or there is TypePad. Or many others. Some hosted blogging solutions tend to particular themes.

Or are you seeking sites on which topics related to blogging are discussed? If so, you could raise some of those questions right here on Daniweb. Or there are many forums whose main theme is the discussion of blogs, blogging, blogging technologies, etc.


There are many popular blogging platform, you can use them for making money online as well. what you need to do is to write fresh content.

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