I just register my site in search enginee. How long does it takes for google until my search appears in google?

I also have not enter the site description yet. If it is necessary, where should I enter it ? Most sites have site description in google when people search for it. Notes, I registered through www.google.com/addurl


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There is no registration in search engine there is only submission of your site for your introduction and good traffic as well


submit site description also..!!
u can submit from profile of your site's wordpress..!!


There is no definite time for when a site starts showing up in search results. And even if Google knows about a site, that site may show up so far down the list of results (say, page 14) that, effectively, it doesn't exist in Google's results. (I mean, does anybody go past the first few pages of results? Really?!)

Submitting a site to Bing/Yahoo! is similar to the process you used to submit your site to Google: use the submit page. Here is the direct link if you are having troubles finding it: http://www.bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx

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Is yahoo the same like Bing? I also do not know how to submit the site description in google, it does not ask me for it.

Well, yea it's already almost a week since I submit the site and do not see them in the search enginee yet. How to make my site appears in google and yahoo at least appears in the first page in the search enginee.

My site name is http://www.rustoleum-indonesia.com/

At least if someone type rustoleum indonesia in the google search enginee my site suppose to appear in the first page, the key word is unique enough to make it appears in the first page, yet this is not the case.

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