I have a couple of websites that use Google AdSense, but the one site I have that I really wanted to use it for was terminated through the program. I'm not banned from AdSense, I just can't use it for this particular site due to excessive profanity (submitted by users).

The last thing I want to do is use censorships, but if I ever get another chance to use my site with the program, then I might not have any other choice. If I used a bad word filter on my site, could I possibly ask for another chance? If not, are there any programs like adsense that allow foul content? Something other than AdultFriendFinder?


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... sounds to me like a new start-up ... SmutAdz or FreeFilth ... sorry couldn't help myself

Adsense is good if you follow their terms, if you don't follow their term sthen you would be banned.

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