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I need a clarification regarding How Google calculate relevancy when they give results
For example when I searching in Google.com for the keyword Italian restaurants in New Jersey
When I look at the result in Google SERP the words like FOOD, DINING in title and description also in BOLD so can anyone explain how Google calculate relevancy? So that it will helpful for me to frame the title tags.

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The search engine understand natural language patterns. People will often incorporate related words in their describing of keyphrases.

Using your example, an Italian restaurant could have spaghetti dinners on the menu. These house specials could be of the finest European cuisine around town.

Google would understand all this as being an intelligently constructed sentence that used related words. Because it is intelligently crafted it must have been of importance for someone to care to write it that way. It is a natural pattern in the language.

The search engine rewards relevancy by using similar words to your keywords. By similar I mean in structure - altering prefixes and suffixes, pluralization, capitalizing .... The use of synonymous keyphrases, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. adds even more value. It makes the text more unique too and is rewarded for being well crafted.

That's what I think of when referring to relevancy in SEO. Relevancy applies to everything - titles, descriptions, anchor text, headings, paragraphs, image names, page names ...


Every search engine's have own algo like Google or Yahoo.Google assign many operators for searching like +,-,"" etc.No one can calculate accurate Google searching relevancy,but we have get some idea about this.You can read Google Guidelines with Google Operators for Google's searching relevancy.

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