Is it used to invite Google ? if yes than how ?

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This has no context to it Samuel.

Pinging overall in SEO actually sends Google a message about the page/site. So if a Search Engine is pinged it will then go to the page pinging it and check for updates to be crawled :)

Thanks for the updates. Can we do pinging daily? I have baby shopping online e-commerce will it help in ranking of my website.

Pinging is one of service provider to search engines or blogs. By doing pinging our information will sent to all search engines and blogs to submit our website information for indexing purpose.

Pinging means informing the search engines about your site or blog updation that you have made on your site or blog for indexing your new content with no time .

Bit confused as to why he is banned but for anybody else who wishes to know, it is unwise to ping a site more than once a day and unwise to ping if the content isnt different to its previous upload.

Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and can accept requests.

Pinging is a technique which informs other search engine and directories that a particular blog or a web page is updated. So the same blog or a web page can update its current database with the newly provided one. It helps to get your update crawl and index more faster.

Pinging tells the search engines that there is some changes in the site or blog.

This is technique use for send quarry for index your blog , using ping command ,now this ping command can be done using various methods like online ping your blog or using webmaster .webmaster tool is preferable for ping usaually Google pay more attentions towards it

Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated.

Pinging is strategy which signals the Search Search engines about the modified material on the web page. It is done for quicker listing of a web page. And is important to speed up the clean examine creeping.

Pinging means telling search engine that some updates have been made..:)

Oh great discussions about Pinging, I knew it now.

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