I wonder what seo technique should I use to create a search result such as:

GOOGLE: [ Adobe ]



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My current site is: http://rustoleum-indonesia.com/

I have to type: It's difficult for me to get the web appears with that exact url appears in search enginee. It always appears http://rustoleum-indonesia.com/ + something else

I also have to type: Rustoleum Indonesia + content

I wish I could just type Rustoleum Indonesia then the whole url with description appears in the first rank in search enginee. Even better If there is that small others subtitle description underneath it just like the adobe example.

I already use this for SEO:

Title tag.
Meta tag.
Meta description.

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Useful information about SEO.

commented: Useless sentence fragment that doesn't even make sense in the context of the question. -3
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Well, if anyone could help me optimize my SEO technique would be great.

There are a lot of techniques on doing seo one of them is link building now a days it is really a good techniques for seo things.

I've checked your site, you need to use the word "rustoleum-indonesia' on your meta description and in the content. Use the H1 also. What is your keyword?

my keyword : rustoleum indonesia or Rustoleum Indonesia

hmmm.. I think I already did:

<meta content="Rustoleum Indonesia provides coating solution for industrial requirement and individual needs." name="description">


Rustoleum Indonesia provides coating solution for industrial requirement and individual needs. Maecenas ultrices enim at leo elementum rutrum.

If I type: Rustoleum Indonesia
This appears on list number 12:

EPOXY 1) 9100 System DTM Epoxy Matic - Standard activator - Immersion activator - Low Temperature activator 2) C 9578 System Coal Tar Epoxy URETHANE ...

Is it possible to edit the title if I already submit it on goole from Rustoleum to Rustoleum Indonesia?

Great technique, it ranked now at #4 in google chrome.

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