hi frnd if you know how to recover your site.if you dont know now we can discuss about it.lets say how to solve it.becouse when i want to seo for my
site but its a new site technolysite.forthis i always fear with it.so plz discuss about* google panda*.and know avoid this wrong term for your site or another

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Sorry you got hit by panda. Been there, done that :)

In looking at your site, I have a few recommendations for you.

  • Have your images on your homepage link to the articles, not bigger versions of the images.
  • Spellcheck and grammar check all of your articles. You have a lot of English errors, and nowadays Google factors spelling/grammar into SEO. If English is not your first language, consider writing your blog in your native language.

All content on your site must be UNIQUE to your site (i.e. cannot exist anywhere else on the web) but also cannot exist in multiple places on your site.

For example, I found the article: http://technologyblogsite.com/6-secrets-to-promote-your-site-via-forums/

When I did a Google search for the first paragraph, it appeared in multiple places on your site (At least 6): Google search

This is a huge no-no.

Delect spammy directory, bookmarking and profile backlinks as this are panda food. And create some high and top quality panda safe backlinks and dont forget to update your website every day....

Better if you get rid of low quality contents because this is the main concern to stay safe from panda updates. Write user friendly content instead search engine friendly so that which can enhance your website visibility over search engines and Do remember subject relevancy with the content for the specific page. Use proper formatting, images with alt tags, proper linking structure, and effective use of anchor text.

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