Hi Friends,
               Are you ever heard about Blue Hat Seo..?

              Blue Hat SEO is essentially the study of advanced Internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques.
           just i know this much of answer..if you had any information on these..please justify me..

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Once I heared about blue hat seo. Its just advanced startegy to bring top rated traffic to our site.

I have not heard about Blue Hat SEO befor that, I just know about the black hat and gry hat soe , can you explain it more !

Blue Hat? I think the term a creation of Blue Hat SEO (an Internet marketing company). In the context they created for the term:

Blue Hat SEO = Black Hat SEO


In general, these are the accepted hat shades of SEO.

Black Hat SEO - disregard for quality content guidelines
Grey Hat SEO - practices trendy search engine manipulation
White Hat SEO - follows the quality content guidelines

Then there's the newbies to search engine optimisation:

Green Hat SEO - usually engages in Grey Hat techniques because they are new to SEO and have no clue about hat shades nor what they are doing in their search engine optimization strategies. These types are ethically salvageable.

Well, as you all know, DaniWeb built its rankings by practicing the art of purple hat SEO. :-P

I only heard the white hat
There are black hat

Don't forget:

Rainbow Hat = throw everything at your SEO efforts regardless of shade

I hear first time about the blue hat SEO.

Blue hat SEO basically is the study of advanced Internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques.

I have never heareed before about blue hat seo..

There could be such a thing as Transparent Hat SEO. That's when content from a source is deemed to be valuable based exclusively on the historical relationship between the search engine and the web site delivering the new content. No search engine considerations are required when a web site reaches this level of trust.

Blue Hat SEO covers the advanced knowledge of both Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Search engine optimization cannot be both black and white hat simultaneously. It's white hat SEO or it engages in manipulating the results pages giving it grey to black shades.

Never heared before about Blue hat SEO.

Khaki Hat SEO's are all knowing and can move across search engine optimisation hat shades seemlessly. Ok that's my last one good by.

I did some research and found out that Blue Hat SEO is when you are using black hat SEO techniques and ultimately get slammed by a manual penalty. You then start banging your head into the wall until it's all black and blue.

Green hat SEO = when your techniques are so old that your marketing efforts go mouldy.

can any one tell me details of hat SEO technology used in SEO.

So sites that promote their businesses by displaying images of hot girls must be in Pink SEO category :)

Search Engine Watch came up with another SEO hat type : Asshat SEO

Blue hat SEO is the mixture of the black hat and whit hat SEO techniques.This technique is not popular enough to, I have heared a little bit about blue hat SEO.

Hey I never heard about it from anyone before about this blue hat seo.. Thanks for this information .. Now , I am surely search more about it ..

I think the phrase “Blue Hat SEO” refers to totally ineffective SEO work.

A quick check of the Online Etymology Dictionary (Click Here) indicates that it may come from the old Latin term caseous (note the 'seo'), which means "soft" or "cheese-like". In turn, that Latin word, itself, has Greek origins.

When combined with the word “blue”, this phrase reinforces this perception, meaning “to make blue”, “bring down”, “depress”. Of course, the term has evolved over the years to become what it is today.

Ergo, today the phrase “Blue Hat SEO” connotes efforts—though sadly futile--made to increase a web page’s ranking in search engines. For example, if you spend a lot of time doing all the things you think are SEO techniques, but which are fruitless, that is blue hat SEO. Say you spend all day submitting a link to web directories, spamming forums, making poorly-written blog posts in barely understandable English—you think you’ve covered all the SEO bases. However, at the end of the day, you have not gotten any love from the search engines. Your flaccid efforts have resulted in no perceptible results, highlighting the impotence of your work. That, my friend, is Blue Hat SEO. In some ways, Blue Hat SEO is worse than White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO because the former two techniques produce results; alas, the latter does not.

Compare Blue Hat SEO to a “special” date you’ve planned with a woman. You think you’ve covered all the bases: you bought a corsage, you’ve dressed up nicely, shaved, showered, put on your best shoes (made with genuine Saskatchewan seal-skin bindings), made reservations at a nice restaurant, picked out a nice wine, danced all the dances she wanted you to dance, etc. And yet, at the end of the evening, you shake hands and . . . nothing. Lots of hassle, you’ve done the work, but have achieved absolutely zero. No love whatsoever. This is exactly like Blue Hat SEO. Lots of work, but no search engine love.

Some people just don’t get it.
If your own efforts fall into the category of Blue Hat SEO, you would be best advised to cease further SEO activities. Perhaps take up a trade; the world needs more plumbers.

(Everybody else is offering their opinion, thought I would add mine. :-P)

Hi..At the moment, BlueHatSEO.com is the only website on the Internet that is completely dedicated to the art of Advanced SEO. Blue Hat SEO is essentially the study of advanced Internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques. Blue Hat SEO covers the advanced knowledge of both Black Hat and White Hat SEO.

Techniques that are used to get higher rankings in an unethical manner.
Methods or techniques that are using to gain rank higher on different search engines using forbidden activities.

Thansk for intro it's use-full.......

This is not any technology it is the way to make the things in sucha way that you can get result with in short period of time .this is not according to the Google guide line .

There are only 3 types of SEO- White hat,black hat and grey hat.Blue hat is not any term in SEO

Blue Hat SEO covers the advanced knowledge of both Black Hat and White Hat SEO. Everything on BlueHatSEO.com will assume that the audience knows and understands the basics of SEO and Internet marketing.

I haven't heard about that but i am interested to know more about that as it is very informative post.

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