Google Panda rollout this week, confirmed by Google today, even though they previously said they were no longer going to confirm Panda updates.

Word on the street is that they've softened the algorithm to not penalize border cases, and I've heard that some people are talking about recovery. DaniWeb hasn't, but I'm not so sure it's Panda that we were hit by. Know anyone who recovered??

Yeah, its confirmed today that Google upate softner panda today..

Know anyone who recovered?

I have a question, does anyone know how offering RSS feeds helps or hurts? I noticed this site offers them, and I offer then and i was hit but the update, but I'm now curious if google screwed up and is taking out the sites that provide others with an rss feed?

No, at around the same time as Panda first came out (I think maybe a little before) Google announced proactive steps towards ensuring that, in the cases of duplicate content, the original source would be credited. They felt really strongly about this as RSS feeds and syndication in general is actually considered positive reinforcement as to the quality of the content, so I don't think it's something that they would then factor negatively as part of Panda.

I would agree with you, that rss feeds help positive, but many sites use them as content fillers and to add fresh content to their sites.

I also know i was hit buy the second update, and know a few other close people that created 100% of their content and their sites tanked completly... becasue other more poepular sites scrapt their content and google took the site of the higher site.

Read this article if you have the time Click Here

Tim owns askthebuilder, use to be a top adesne publish and was the poster boy for them. I was in aww of his $1000 days. He was copied so much that he has mostly videos now, because he was tired of being the expert that others borrowed his own content then having their content rank higher becasue it was on a main stream content farm (as he calls them)

All in all, these updates show you that links are important for anyone... depening on a search engine is like bungee jumping with only one rubber band, rather then the thousands in a bungee cord... All I know is it woke me up.

I noticed that when my ranking fall down, but I want to know that how I can maintain my ranking.

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