My site was hit by Panda last July and has been going down farther with every Panda update (traffic down to about 20% of what it used to be). I was too busy working on other sites for several months to try and figure out what was wrong but I suspect it was overoptimiztion, which I've been trying to fix since march, to no avail. I'm still ranking high for non $ keywords but all my $ keywords are off the chart. None of my 50 client sites were hit by Panda. I only experimented with my own site!

I would apprecite it if someone can look at my site and let me know if they see anything that I should change.

I am alos suffering that kind of problem which is caused by google penguin. I need your help plaese anyone can help us in that condition.

Overoptimize your site should not be an issue, I don't think that can get your site penalized. There are several factors that can affect your ranking. I bet that if you file a reconsideration request, you're not going to get a reason from Google why your ranking get dropped. If your traffic went down to 20%, it may well be that your competitors have outranked your site. If you were hit by the Panda update, it would have been much worse.

Maybe you should try a different outreach to build ou links. Google has started loving BRAND ANCHORS. Especially the ones which are EARNED. Guest blogging is one such way to achieve it.

I think best way to come out of this is to add good content and do onpage, offpage in ethical way with that build quality backlinks from hige page rank & dofollow sites it will help you to gain your ranking back on google.

Please change your all content in website. After that maybe you can get batter result.

May I see your website please??? So that I can say the solution for you...

It's very sad to hear that one's website got hit from Google. You can pm me with your website details. I will give a free review.

check your website

If your website is over-optimized then try to optimized it with the properly with your targeted keywords. If you have already done with it then collect the quality backlinks. It will help you to get your ranking back in the search engines

For getting recover your ranking from the Panda update, you have to collect quality backlinks for your website for getting good ranking over the search engines

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