Is it Possible to Bring More Backlinks within 45 Days..???

45 days is enough time to create backlinks. you can post blog and article to get more links.

45 days is enough to create a backlinks, from the following ways you can create backlinks. Classifieds, forums, web 2.0 blog creation, blog commenting, directory submission, article posting. Etc.., but while you create a backlink you have to use quality unique content.

The only legit way you can do it in such a short time, is by submitting quality and seo optimized press realease.

Don't focus on quality. Quality is the key.
Instead of building 1000s of backlinks. Build only handful but good and relevant backlinks

Thats really interesting information.....

45 days are mucg enough. You can as many backlinks as you want. But create a quality backlinks is important thing. And use different ways to create backlinks like articles, blog, bookmarking, PDF, web2.0, social networking profiles, ppt submission,video sharing, press realese ect. These are the quick ways to generate backlinks.

Always submit your website only on quality site to generate more quality backlinks. We should focus on quality backlinks rather than just posting everywhere & get backlinks

You have to do following things to get more traffic or backlinks

  1. Prepare unique article for your niche category and submit it in big article directory
  2. Do the social bookmarking of submited article links
  3. Update your twits everyday
  4. Try to submit at least one unique blog post everyday in your website
  5. Try to do guest blog posting

I am sure this will work.

You have hell lots of time bud just try not to make bad back links or spammy.

45 days are enough to bring a lot of back link for your niche.
use all the avaliable methods like forum posting, guest bloging ,directory submission etc but your attention should be at page rank of site you are linking with.

Some Tips for Backlink:

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Directory Submision
  3. Blog Commenting

Some Tips:

  1. Forum Postring
  2. Blog Posting
  3. Link Wheel Creation

yes, it is possible to get more backlinks even within a week, try to build backlinks everyday and search engine find it very easy if those websites are high pr or less.

Press releases, link wheels, and article directories??!! Noooooo! That's low quality, waste of time crap. Create quality content and place it on your own site or on industry-related websites and share it with friends/industry folks/social networks.

Look for blogs, communities and industry news websites in your field of expertise and see if they take article contributions or do interviews. You can write something of high quality and then include a link to a relevant page of your site in the contribution. Your link should be editorially relevant, not anchor text rich, or you're going to look like a spammer and people won't want to work with you anymore.

Check out this massive list of link building tactics, which you can also sort by the length of time you have available - - sounds right up your alley.