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How can i know that the Site runs on the IIS or Apache Webserver.
And how can i redirect a webpage using 301 Redirect in .htaccess..

in Windows and Linux Server.

I write the Coding in .htaccess but it does not work.


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What have you set for redirection and what is "not working"?

AFAIK, the redirection is a single entry (without breaks) like

redirect [[I]status[/I]] oldUrl newUrl

The status is optional and it can be

permanent - (301) resource has moved permanently.
temp - (302). resource has moved temporarily.
seeother - (303) resource has been replaced.
gone - (410) resource has been permanently removed. (When this status is used the new-url argument should not be used.)

Also, check if you have the appropriate read permissions for all the groups.

I believe that .htaccess files are unique to the Apache web server (although I may be mistaken). Apache is the httpd server of choice for Linux ... there is a Windows port as well, but most Windows servers use IIS. I'm not sure how to do redirection on IIS.

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