please suggest me some idea for improving websites ranking .

Without actually knowing what your website is it is very hard to judge.

Assuming that you have a decent, functioning website then I would suggest you firstly look at if you have a niche market, this is a small market which you shall specialise in (and although it is small, it is highly profitable).

Once you have located your niche, make sure you have lots of original content on your site, for example if it is a review site then don't just copy someone elses review, or say the product is "good", you need to make it funny or interesting or review something noone else has reviewed before.

Make sure your site loads properly, and quickly. Once you begin getting visitors this is crucial, because a site which doesn't work won't attract returning visitors. CHECK IT WORKS ON OTHER BROWSERS!

Meta tags are your friends, make sure you include at least your meta description and meta keyword tags... despite popular belief, search engines still look at these!

Finally, submit your site to search engines manually, advertise your website (remember the difference between advertisement and spam though) and just keep working at it!

Good luck!

SEO is all about uniqueness these days, try to create something unique daily, it would help of course, there is no doubt to it really.

This question is asked very oftenly on this site, why don't you just read all the other solutions?

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