Hello Guys,
As we are well known that forum posting is better way to get more traffic.
I am just want to know that how many forum thread creation and comment posting is sufficient in a day? please share your feedback.

In my opinion as many helpful posts as you can but nothing out of context... more isn't always better

I think 4-5 posts are more then enough.

There are best way to submit submit forum is:

Choose Right Topic and Categories related to your topic

Use Fresh Content in Answer

Per Day 10 Forum Posting is Better

Well, I don't urge on doing 4-5 forum posting is helpful. I would rather say that keep on working with the forum regularly, it will help you in reaching your goals much more easily. There is no such limit that you have to post only 4-5 post. you just need to make sure that these forum posting is not posted just for the sake of posting try to earn your place among the large user group it will became fun for you and at the same time you can learn different things as well as you will be getting traffic.

I do 9 to 10 forum posting in a week.

Right way definitely is, that you connect with people on forums. That you talk with members. Do right way and learn how to use this power. If you can post 5 posts per day...great...10 great to...But more important is to do this constant. One day forum posts...next day blog...third day social bookmarking...and so on,...Every day is really important to build your business constantly.

10-15 comments a day will yield good traffic.
Remember to write fresh content in your answers or discussions.
Join forums which are active.

Well it depends upon your interest and also the threads which become active everyday.

There is no such limits that is already defined, but you don't need to fix any daily targets for posting in a forum.