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Hy Helen,
first of all, I would adress myself to the website owner of these porn site and ask him to remove the backlinks.

If he´s not willing to remove it, there is not much you can do about it.
Nevertheless, regarding SEO or negative effects like penalties from Google, you should not worry about it if we are talking just about one or a few "bad neighbourhood" links. There is certainly also the possibility to get in touch with Google Search team but.

Are you the owner of these wedding and photographer sites?
I like them. Regards


Hi, Thanks for your reply. I'll pass it on to my client. I think she will be writing to the website owner, and she is contacting the other photographers who have also been hit by this. I am just fuming that they have used sites aimed at children in this way.
p.s. I am just the web developer of the sites you mentioned :)

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