Hello Guy's please tell me what is rss feed and how does it effect our website..

An RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication) is a common method used to share information, and keep people up to date with news. They are commonly added to news websites, to which people can subscribe to them and receive updates as new news comes through.

In terms of your website, and whether or not you should have one all depends on what your websit does. If you are going to have constantly updating content, such as people posting in forums or latest information then it might be useful to include one, however if your information changes less frequently then it isn't overly necessary.

As your website is a tourism website, then personally I don't see a need to include one in your design.

RSS feed stand for that Really Simple Syndication. This is the direct way show to google. Google Easily to caputre all URL with help of RSS feed. Google also given us one menthod for this URL. Google first crowal to feed.xml files it's mean there is RSS Feed.
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commented: What do you mean "Google" gave us RSS? It was developed by Netscape in 1999 -1

Certainly Google easily index all url with the helpp of RSS feed.

RSS mostly used in blogs and heavy websites. It helps to index your blog and website very easily in Search engines.