i have a small confused my alexa rank dramatic increase my site get big jump in alexa.
so please tell me which factor will be usefull for alexa ranking. i dont know why my site got jump

my site is Career tracker

Thank you.

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Alexa rank is affect by traffic.It will be updated as per the traffic received.Check your site's bounce rate if its good then there is no need to worry about it more.

Alexa is just a rough third-party estimate of how much traffic you get, based on a sample size of people who use the Alexa browser toolbar and other such methods. It's rather meaningless and inaccurate IMHO.

commented: @Deni my website's traffic is low but my website's alexa rank incrase everyday i don't know why +0

Thank you friends for usefull answer

My Boss is consious about the Alexa Ranking and considers it as the primary factor.
But i think it can only be looked on a 3 months or 6 months basis, rather evry week.

Not proper website maintenance,Low amount of Traffics,Low website ranking and keyword ranking are the factors for affecct the Alexa ranking.

Yes, I got the game to increase the Alexa Ranking. Shared my views at seamedia.in/increase-alexa-ranking

Nice post, Aleaxa rank is different with page rank, it is the rank of the hole websites in the internet,i think it is difficult to improve it and i always check it by http://w3cspy.com, it is all free and the most important is that this tool will give some useful suggestions to decrease it.

Alexa rank depends on your site traffic.

can you guys explain more how traffic affects on alexa rank?

Quality and Quantity Content,
Quality Backlinks,
Global Traffic,
Reviews for your website
This are the factors which affect alexa Ranking..

i want to ask that how much time after alexa is come on blog

Only website traffic effects on Alexa ranking. So, doing hard working on forum posting and classified submission for getting huge traffic.

I agree with Dani, alexa ranking is not important anymore since it can get manipulated.

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