Hello Everyone,

I am facing a new problem While on Doing seo. Please Look at this matter and give some idea for solving this issue.

I have changed my blogs title. But still in google showing the old title.

Please Suggest me how i can remove this meta title form google?


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Let Google some time to update the cached contents.

Google doesn't instantly update, it needs re-crawling.

When google will crawl your website your title meta tag will update in Google. Keep patience.

Dont worry... when google will crwl your website, it will automatic show latest title in its SERP's. so, dont worry about it.

just submit it on google webmaster tool for index

Please check your websmaster tool or else its a website back end problems check your coding.

please update your xml site map or upload a fresh xml site map, it will help Google to update faster.

You have to wait for your site cashe. If Google do cahse of your site than, the content will be update. If you do not want to wait so try to index your site page to Google.

Google would scroll each and every website once in three months. I think you want to wait a little to view your updates. Its not a big issue.

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