– PR7 – PR7 – Post requirement prior to sig link – PR6 - PR6 – PR6 – PR5 – PR5 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – Member for 30 days before sig link – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR2 – PR2 – PR2 – PR2 – PR1 – PR1 – PR0 – PR0 – PR0 – PR0 – PR0 – PR0 – All about domains – PR4

International Webmaster/SEO Do-Follow Forums

Australia – – PR3
UK – - PR2
Phillipines – – PR0
Blogging Do-Follow Forums – PR7 – All Feeds Topics – PR6 – PR5 – “Favorite RSS Feeds” thread to promote your blogs – PR5 – PR5 - PR4 – Has a Show of Your Blog Thread! – PR4 – PR0 - PR7 – German Based Forum
Web Design/Development/Code/Photoshop Do-Follow Forums – PR7 – PR6 – PR6 – PR5 – PR5 – PR4 – PR4 – PR3 – PR0 – PR9 – Adobe and Flash topics
Electronics/Gadgets/Computers/Digital Hardware/Software/iPhone/Tech/IT Do-Follow Forums – PR7 – PR7 – PR6 – choose Country and Forum Topic – PR5 – Digital Media/DVD, Digital Cameras etc…No-Follow but allow sig link and very high traffic – PR5 – PR5 – PR4 – PR4 – Various PR – PR0 – Various PR – PR0
Laptop/Notebooks Do-Follow Forums – PR5 – PR5 – I think it’s no-follow but has mass traffic – PR4 – Not sure if do-follow but allows sig link and has mass traffic and bonuses for posting
Video Gaming/Gaming Do-Follow Forums – PR8 – PR8 – PR5 - PR3 – Has a special section for link dropping – PR0

Books Do-Follow Forums – PR7 – PR3
VOIP Do-Follow Forums – PR6
Wedding/Bridal Do-Follow Forums - PR4 – Sig link allowed after probation period and it’s no-follow, but big traffic. – PR2 – Not sure if do-follow, but lots of traffic
Tatoo/Body Art/Piercing – PR2
Work at Home Moms/WHAM Do-Follow Forums – PR4
Science Do-Follow Forums – PR7

Forum Software Do-Follow Forums - PR7
Owners and Admin of Online Communities Do-Follow Forums – PR5
Math Do-Follow Forum – PR8
Comics Do-Follow Forum – PR5

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