Hello everybody,

I knew this question might be stupid question. But still i really want to know about which is the best tool for using seo, smo activity tracking, link checking, density checking, visitors checking, bounce rate checking, ip checking, etc.

Please Experts opinion will be recommendable.


garima93 commented: Alexa, Semrush, Google Analytics. All these are some good SEO tools. +0

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Hi oliversmith,

It's not a stupid question, there are many different tools for checking details to see how your doing on SEO. You're hosting provider may even have these ready for you to use.

AWStats, is a great service where you can check bounce rates, ip addresses, link checking etc and visitors tracking. You may need a bit of practice to understand it all.

Google Analytics of course is another great option.

Also, make a Google Webmaster's account, and use that to check for crawl errors, indexing, sitelinks, keywords and more.

I'm not an expert, I'm just starting, so I hope this helps.


commented: just starting, its a good start though +12

I agree with all that samc36 said. To add a few more good tools, you can check out opensiteexplorer, majesticseo, and Alexa. These can give you a good idea of how your site is doing.

i suggest to you use this Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Tools.

The one tool to check all your wanted details is Google analytics Tools. There are more number of tools, but for your need Google analytics is the best one.

Google webmaster tool
Google adwords keyword tool
Google analytic tool
Alexa tool
These are the best SEO tools.

Google have a lot of tools to make seo more friendly and easy but in between that Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools are the best one to know each and every error about your site and when you will have tools like these then you can give good direction to your site/blog.

Oh it's very important question how to get the best SEO tool and here's my suggestion Colibri SEO Tool. If someone has used this tool then please share opinion as I've used and found this tool much useful for all seo needs from keyword analysis to traffic generation. If interested then find this tool here colibritool.com

As per my experience am saying all Google provided tools are very effective and more useful to us...

Till date market has only one tool, which is best for everyone is GOOGLE ANALYTICS. There are many tools but mostly are not all in one.

I think Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Tools are Best SEO tool.!@!

I think Google Webmaster,Google Analytics,Google Keyword Planner,Google PageSpeed Insights,Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool is best SEO tools.

Google webmaster tool
Google adwords keyword tool
Google analytic tool are best seo tools...

There are a lot. but my most favorites are Alexa, Google Analytics Tool and Google Webmaster Tools

Hy Oliver :)
There are a lot of these tools, like google analytics tool, google keyword tool, squirrly seo tool etc. Personally I use squirrly seo tool because it's more easier for me to track my keywords, my keywords ranking, my social media impact, my traffic etc. I used google analytics tool too, and it's great, but in squirrly I have the keyword ranking for each article.

Hi oliversmith,

I think this is the well known question and every time we get a new answer for the same. There are so many SEO tools which is regularly used by webmasters.

Here i am suggesting some most useful tool-

  1. For Checking Heading Tag- Download Header Map
  2. For checking web page speed- Use Yslow
  3. For ranking check- Rank Checker
  4. For Cookies information- Web Developer tool

Hope this will beuseful to you.

if you want to check backlings and keyword so use google wenbmaster and if you if want to check bounce rate so use google analytics tool.

Many tools available on the market..But one of best SEO Tool - ViduPM. which have multiple funcatiolitas like Project Management, Client Management, Link Management, Google Analytics and Reporting feature. ViduPM SEO Project Management Tool. Free Signup Available.

Yoi have different SEO tools for different aspects of SEO. I recommend Google Webmaster Tools and Moz Tools. You also have some tutorials and guides (on Moz, for example), where you can check out the best and most productive way to use these tools.

Webmaster tool is the best SEO tool.

You can use trail version of SERPS

Google analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are the most effective tools for analysing SEO activities

As for me the best Seo Tools are:
1. Xenu - to find broken links;
2. Screaming Frog SEO Spider - crawls websites' links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective;
3. NetPeak Spider - for scannig your Meta-data;
4. Majestic SEO - backlink analyzis;
5. Allpositions - position checker..

I use this programs for their purposes and I think they are the best for me. You can try it.

This is not a stupid question. You should try to use each instrument you see on this thread for the appropriate purpose you have.
Here is my list of tools I used to use)):

  1. SMO activity tracking are: Diligencesoft, adAlysis (for PPC), Adbeat, Impact Radius - trcking platform; Kissmetrics; Seevolution -to see what is being clicked on; Alexa - tacking info about sites; PlagTracker - tracker of plagiat; Tout app - email trackig;
  2. link checking:

- for external links checking: Ahrefs, Majestic SEO,
- for internal links checking: Screaming Frog SEO Spider, XENU,
3. density checking: I use SEO book;
4. visitors checking: Google Analytics; ClickDensity, Clickrate, CrazyEgg, Kapost, Panguin Tool;

This is very important question. If you want to increase your website's search engines visibility, you have to keep a "Bird's eyes view" on your website. Many useful tools have been developed. I personally like ahrefs.

Best SEO Tools are:

• GTmetrix
• Web Developer Toolbar
• SEO Quake Toolbar
• Hoot suite
• Way back Machine
• Chrome Developer Tools
• Google Trends
• Keywordtool.io
• Bing Webmaster Tools
• Google (and Bing)
• Screaming Frog
• Google Keyword Planner
• Moz
• Google Search Console
• Google Analytics

The first, and most powerful, way we use SEMrush is to determine if a site is healthy or not. Whenever we are doing outreach and working on link-building campaigns, we always check SEMrush to see how many keywords a site is ranking for in Google. When we find sites that have a high volume of inbound links and DA, but no keywords ranking in SEMrush, then it’s likely they’ve been penalized. We also check their organic traffic to determine if there’s a massive drop; if there is, we know to avoid reaching out to that site.


We also use SEMrush as part of our keyword research. We find the top sites ranking for a primary keyword, then see what keywords those sites are ranking for. When you combine the keyword list with a few sites in the industry, you end up with a pretty comprehensive keyword list

Google provides lot of online tools for seo. But all in one place is Google Analytics tool where it gives complete tracking report for both seo and social media optimization to check link, density, visitors, bounce rate, and IP.

Seo tools can be many like - Analtic, keyword density tool, keyword search tool, serp tool, page rank tool, backlink tool etc. There are many out there based on your need go for it.

I manily use smallseotools that have all of them at one place.

I used iBP machine for onpage and ahref for off page both are best

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