It has long been known that Yahoo doesn’t discount nofollow links completely. It also seems that Google makes exceptions as well.

It's always good to have a certain amount of nofollow links in your backlink portfolio. Only nofollow links look very unnatural. The follow nofollow link should be around 80% to 20% respectively.

These are just remoures no one can tell what the actual ratio is and how it should be.

Yeah you can say 25 to 50% out of 100...

Yes its is but its very raer.

If you have seen 10-20 videos of matt cutt, you can analyze that he does not speak clearly and because Google does not want make everything clear to webmasters due to spamming. But best way is to do natural SEO instead of focusing on one thing. You never know when Google will update somthing that eliminate sites having a big ratio of dofollow links. Javed is right there is no actuall ratio. Submit links to social site they are mostly nofollow but good for gaining traffic.

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