One person in market from ten year doing SEO having the site services and same keywords as we have for our site ,we start effort on SEO and get our site on top 1st position with in 5 month ,but that person is doing SEO from ten year why we get the 1st position so quickly ,how our keyword come at top in 5month , is there any thing like maturity level after that Google imposes some hard rules on site ,or what is this i am totally confused

actually google changes its algorithem, seo who are working on the old one may get effected or they get slow rankng. Or there are some technique which help your site rank quilely.

Actually, from looking at the way you compose forum posts, I have a real hard time believing that any content you write would merit better ranking than an established keyphrase competitor.

What comes to mind is that the content of the aged site hasn't changed in a very long time and you show up offering the search engine fresh content, regularly.

I also have to wonder how important your keywords are. It's feasible that even you could outrank a trusted domain in obscure, rarely searched terms, but probably not easily.

If this happened to your website in that case your wibsite must have really a website that people love to use.. because today google wants the website on the top of SERP which people are exactly looking for. No matter if your website is newier then your competieter website. The website must be regular updated to keep ranking.. SEO strategy has been totally changed from past some years .if your website 100% original, Your website can be ranked high in sort time . thats why it is said "content is the king of seo".

Actually there is many way to get first rank in google. When we start on-page or off-page SEO then we have decided that whcih stretegy is best for our SEO. Some people use on page seo but actually they are doing in wrong manner. Thats why that practices become black hat SEO, which practices google don't recommended. So there is a reason behind your question, we have to do SEO in a proper manner. In this web world, some people start earning with short of of time, and some could not ake money online cause of their wrong implementation.