I have been currently submitting articles to Ezine and other article directories.
Yesterday, I checked on Google Webmaster tool and had 60 backlinks in 30 link pages. That means I submitted 30 articles to Ezine and each article I have two links.

If I continue doing this, then does Google penalize my site for un-natural backlinks?


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If you want to remove the unwanted backlinks then you can use Google Disavow tool for that.just submit the url of all the links that you want to remove.

This does not matter how many links you have but focus on your link quality and content.

'ya I agree with Weddingtent. I'm also certain that the search engine is aware of many more of your links than it indicates. It is the ones that it doesn't display that should concern you the most, usually. Whenever you engage in any artificial linking scheme you run the risk of an increase in poor quality links (from scraper sites, link farm harnassing machines ... spammers of all sorts). The search engine understands this pattern and compensates for it by mostly disregarding your manipulative intentions as normal SEO practices. I don't know if that made sense but in other words ... don't fret the small stuff. A few links means nothing to the search engine in comparison to the importance of the content appearing on your unnaturally linked web page.

From my opinion which links you are getting from articles site these are the fulfill with quality. So try to get these with more quality work and then Google will give more priority to site rather then penalty.

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