i use the article content that i posted but not put link in it. it is spam?

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If it's unsolicited or off-topic, yes it probably is.

Well, if you have use the content from the article that you have posted but not put the link it's still going to be considered under the duplicacy.

you are consider as a spammer becuase you use same content. Dont do it again.

Yes,it is considered as spam and will lead to duplication.Nowadays google analysis the content easily and hence we should be only posting high quality content.

Its not SPAM , Links are used for keyword ranking purpose only, but you did not get links from that website.

yes you consider as a spammer.

@Bestseoservices please try to learn from the forum members if he copies the content from different place then don't you think that its considered as duplicate content and after sometime :D

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