i am trying to get links from .edu and .gov websites but they are refusing, how can i get these links, i heard they improve your rankings

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Hi, you can search it google, i.e .edu sites list, you can get the number of different sites

Better to choose 2way link building ,it's best one.

i think it depends on the domain and content of your page.

Hi, you can search it google, i.e .edu sites list and .gov sites list, you can get different sites..

.edu is domain extension for education websites and .gov is for government websites. If you have similar subject website or blogs then you can get backlinks via blog comments.

Yes, .gov and .edu backlinks improve your ranking. But taking links from these sites is not difficult.
1. Quality content to post in blog commenting.
2. Comment or link from relevant page or post.
3. Comment or post by your site authors or social profile with a strong influence.

Deepanshu Gahlaut

Best way to get edu backlinks is to write nice and long comments on edu blogs or and websites...

.edu and .gov sites are high-authority sites.
It is not easy to get backlinks from these sites.
Join & comment on education & government forums,blogs.
Do submissions on education & government directories.

Well you can go for link exchange , but that too you have to have a good website with high pr and content so that the websmaster of edu. site can link your website .

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