To get the high quality backlinks, we need to check page authority and domain authority of the submitting website while doing the link building activities like guest blog posting, social media promotions, directory submissions, social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum participations, article submissions,yahoo answers etc..

Building the high quality backlinks are very important in current SEO optimization process.

The good work can come only when you do quality of work. Quality of work means do submissions to relevent category. In SMM make relevent followers to your website so that your business run successfully.

do all offpage submission and incresing bakelink of the page....

write about local companies, universities and colleges or personalities. they will want to link to that article and maybe your website

And don't forget scrapebox

So join various forums, groups, societies ....

Inorder to increase backlinks to your site , do forum posting on High PR sites it will get you high quality backlinks and your website SERP will increase.

By doing directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking etc we can increase backlinks.

Now a days back links will play major role in SEO. After Recent Google Updates Getting the backlinks to our site bacame Mandatory. To increase the backlinks you have to follow the offpage techniques sothat you can improve ur backlinks.
Link Building Techniques are:
1.Social Bookmarking
2.Directory Submission
3.Article Submission
4.Blog Commenting/Blog Posting
5.Guest Posting/Guest Blogging
6.Link Baiting
7.Link Wheeling
these are the techniques used to generate the backlinks to our site.

Hi Santosh, You can increase backlinks through word tracker. Do blog commenting, blog post, article submission, press release, forum posting, social bookmarking submission and directory submission and socia menstions. These are few activities you can do get backlinks.

article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking are good techniques to get backlinks to website. You can increase backlinks using these techniques.

If you had to increase backlinks to your site you need to do link creation in more and more sites by using all the seo techniques.

do some web2.0 and blog commenting for the better rankings

To increase backlinks you can use off page optimization techniques like social bookmarking, directory submission, article submission etc.

Blog Comenting and Bookmarking. This two play the major role to get back links.

To increase backlinks, you can use the natural way of link building techniques like:
1. Social Bookmarking
2. Article Submission
3. Blog Post
4. Guest Blogging
5. Blog comments
6. Forum Posting
7. Image Sharing
8. Directory Submission

Should some proper off page optimization tactics like Social bookmarking submission, forum posting , article posting, guest blog posting ,etc

Article submission, Blog commenting, Forum posting, press release helps to give good backlinks.

You can increase backlinks to website using off page optimization techniques like directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, guest posting, RSS feed, blog comments, forums etc.

If we start implementing all these method, how long will it take to come up in google for 2 phrase keyword.

To increase backlinks first start commenting on other blogs without any spam,then go for submission of directory,afterwards exchange of link,try to participate in forums then bait your link.

If anyone goes through this process in a very appropriate way then one can defenitely get the backlinks and traffic.


for increasing back links you should have to do off page seo
social bookmarking
forum submission
blog commenting
article submission
directory submission
through which you will get more back links

To increase backlinks you can use off page optimization techniques like directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking etc.

Social bookmarking, Guest posting, article submission, directory submission, press release, blog comments, forums etc are off page optimization techniques to increase backlinks for website.

do social bookmarking, directory submission, forum posting, blog commenting it will help you a lot for creating more back links.

To increase backlinks try to use Social bookmarking,Article submission, Article Bookmarking, Blog Commenting.
Latest technique will be "Guest Posting". It needs quality content. By this technique you will get 2 quality backlinks.

The more number of back links higher is the rank on the search engines. Back links improves SEO ranking.Here are some points to increase backlinks for your website.
- Be Present on Social Media
- Write a guest blogs
- Actively take a part in forums
- Comment on blogs
- Write articles

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