the best way to get the backlinks is from doing seo activities,if you are doing seo activities then it will definitely leds to drive more traffic as well as the popularity of the website would also increase and in this way one can able to get the backlinks for their own site

follow google guidelines several videos are available on webmaster forums to pick the resources from which backlinks of good quality can be increased

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Blog Commenting
  4. Forum posting

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Guest blogging and social media are playing an important role in link building. You can also use

  1. Relevant directory submission.
  2. Forum & Blog commenting with good content.
  3. Article & Blog submission with unique content activities it would be effective.

It would be better if you plan proper SEO activities and choose high PR sites then it will give you quality back links.

to increase one have to promote his or her site in a very good manner,firstly do all seo activities,put up the new as well as unique content and then use the social media activities post some interesting as well as nice posts to get the backlinks,this all will definitely work

By doing forum posting, blog posting and social media optimization.You can get good backlinks..

Do directory submissions,forum comments,blog comments,press-release submissions,social bookmarkings on websites with high page-rank.

When you do the blog/forum posting on high PR websites, you would get a benefit of their website pointing to your webpage content through hyperlinks in your post. Advertisement and marketing through articles, blogs, page forums and videos posting on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn can effectively increase backlinks and boost your website ranking.
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There are many methods are available in internet but in seo Google like only organic methods only we do, and please avoid paid submission ,use quality content in our site ,Bookmarking and blog commenting ,forums posting this methods are used to build quality back link in our site.

all we have to do is to do seo activities in a very good order,after that we can go for social media for its popularity in mass

To increase backlink:
1) Need to know the high page authority and domain authority website
2) To participate in Directory submission
3) To participate in Forum discussion
4) To participate in Blog commenting
5) To participate in Video sharing

These are few activities you can do get backlinks.Do blog commenting, blog post, article submission, press release, forum posting, and social bookmarking submission.

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