First is link your site to high PR sites and do some forum posting, blog commenting and guest posting and drive your potential clients to your site.


And also learn the basics of SEO. You can start by this *[introduction to search engine optimization]<URL SNIPPED>.

You can increase backlinks using off page optimization techniques like social bookmarking, article submission, directory submission etc.

Hi Santosh,
To build backlinks, first check out what is the requirement of your business. Then consider the of-page activities for building the backlinks because each activity is having its own importance.

Just follow below strategies like Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog Creation, Blog Comenting, Forum Posting, Classifieds, Press Release and Profile Creation.

simply do offpage seo techniques
1- social bookmarking
2-directory submission
3-forum posting
4-press release
5-blog commenting
5-article submission

For increasing high quality backlinks you should do Artice Posting with fresh content, Forum Posting and also blogging + blog commenting.

You can increase backlinks using off page optimization techniques like directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking etc.

Share useful and relevant content that match your keyword.
Link only to relevant website.
Writing Guest Posts in Other Sites.
Frequent Press releases helps in link building.
Identify reliable link network for your link building.

Write Useful, Interesting, and Fresh Content
Create Highly Shareable Content
avoid all tricks and design that damages the user experience
create resource and faq pages
create round-up posts
create templates and oyhet useful documents
write and publish quality guest posts
write for other blog and website
make sure sour blog is Search-Friendly but not Over-Optimized
repurpose your content

You can invrease your back links by social book marking on high PR site, by blog submission and blog commenting and article submission.

Use Social Bookmarking, Article Submissions, Blog Commenting and Guest Posting. By Guest posting you will get 2 Quality back links.

Increase the qualtiy links on the quality website. Do not become spammer and do not violate the guidelines of Google.

directory submission, article submission,social bookmarking etc to increase backlinks,promote your website then only you can get the backlinks

Three things you have to concentrate.
1) On-Page Optimization
2) Off-Page Optimization
3) Keyword Ranking

First try to be perfect in On-Page. If you do that 50% percent of your SEO work will be over. Then concentrate on Off-Page by site submission, social bookmarking like that. Finally concentrate on keyword ranking.

the solution of whole,to get the the traffic only the thing is that to do seo activities in a very good and desired manner,try to get the backlinks and also go for the social media marketing

Suggest me some new ideas about link building

can u Use forums, blog commenting, social bookmarking, directories, article submissions, guest posting; these all techniques are good for site promotion.

Publish articles,comment on other blogs and post in public forums,share link on social media plat forms,create valuable content regurlarly.

To increase backlink do blog commenting, forum posting.

Hi santhosh, did you got any new techniques which could be used to implement backlinks and also sites visibility?? If it is so, can you please share me the links here...

Increase your offpage activities like blog commenting,classifieds,directory submissions,bookmarking etc.

To increase backlink do offpage optimization.

SO Best use seo software , increase backlink very very quick .

backlinks cant be increase overnight :).Try to place links in a timely manner on the site and onto innerpages which give your site maximum exposure on search engine.Its the best way to target links from various domains which increases chance of better indexing

so many peoples share our thought about increasing back links and i think now you now how to increase backlinks.

There are some points you need to concentrate on while building the back links and that are link relevancy, so no to spamming, building backlinks through getting signatures from the forums, yahoo answers is a good technique.

Do do seo activities always use unique content,keyword management should be there,social media activities,if you do all these in the very optimize way it would be useful and effective

All are sharing our views and liked it, i used all the techniques for getting traffic.

Best one is Directory Submission, Article Submission, web2.0, press release, forum submission etc

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