Hi every one my name is Sam i run a taxi company in Sacramento area i have a website which is www.sacramentocab.com i been doing okay before October 2013 google update but i don't know what happened.I have been pushed back by google for most of my keyword. If anyone have any solution please let me know i would rely appreciate thank you.

i suggest you add more content to your website. and post more regularly. google is always updating its algorithm to better indentify good websites and low quality websites. also try getting more links from other related websites or government departments

Thank you for your suggestions.

I may be able to pinpoint your problem, do you know exactly when you started to see changes in your Google ranking?

I am also facing similar problem like you i think it happened because of two biggest update first is ""Humming bird and second is Penguin 2.1"".

I have also lost my website ranking. But know again i get good website ranking through submissions on high PR sites.

Thank you guys for your time and effort.

Due to Google algorithm update your website keywords ranking get affected. So the solution is to try to improve the quality of content on your website and build more high PR backlinks for your website.

As Google keeps updating its algorithm, you also need to update your website consistently, with quality content and try to getting more back-links for your websites through submission on good PR sites.

As per updates of Google’s algorithms, quality content and quality back links are important for ranking. Social media is new technique for pulling the traffic to the site. To maintain your ranking, work on these factors.


My websiote is www.a14electronics.com

I lost most of my ranking.

Can any one pelase please tell me what I need to do in order to get good ranking back?

well, I guess it might be because of the pengium 2.1 update.

I think because you didn't followed Google's guidelines.

Similar thing was happened to many of the sites which linking to low quality websites. You can disavow the low quality backlinks can recover from recent penguin update.

Well, as you are saying that you have lost most of the traffic and this is because of the Google update that is Humming bird which concentrates more on the content, so you have lost most of the ranking. Change the content of your website and as far as i've been looking round your website and found some of the low quality links are pointing to your website. You also need to consider that ..... there are several small things impacting the rankings of your site... !!