My website has a high alexa rank but google page rank is zero.
My compititors have less alexa rank than me but have google page rank 1 they has less backlinks than me also
Please help me . My website is

check your competitors backlinks and made your submissions to those links and get rankings

It doesnt mean that number of backlinks are high then you will get high PR.
You also have to create quailty content and quailty backlinks from the relevent sites. Now google changed its algorithm.


First of all you should to understand one thing that you don't need to worried about PR of your site. Most important thing is to get business lead bia organic rank. If you get business lead via organic rank then I think you don't need PR well I know to PR is good thing but you know try to concentrate on site promotion. If you are doing well then your site will gain PR automatically.

Just check your website here https://ahrefs.com and check your nofollow ratio. If it is less then you will increase your nofollow links.

If you want on google 1st page than make more quality backlink.

it is fully depends on quality for a websites.


First of all if your site is new don't expect to have a page rank higher than 3 because google will still have to index your site and crawl your site and find some relative keywords to your site. And of course you have to do the hard work of linking your site to other site it's called building trust so that once google crawls your site it will know that you are being linked/trusted by another site.

And also if you want to have a speedy rankings you must link your site to high PR sites.


Check for the content and URL Structuring. These also play an important role in PR update.