hello Friends... i want to make a website but i was confused that to to select a keywords for our website. could you suggest me that how to select a keywords..

one thing is that my website is regarding a travel... so now please suggest me

travel - destination - holiday - ....
look for words related to the subject of your site, and users might google/search on.

sorry but i could not understand

Analyze whether you want to optimize the website in geo location based or any product based. Then reasearch the keyword that should have high searc volume.

Be innovative and Try the new Google keywords planner tool with new features.Previous google keyword tool has been replaced with new keyword planner tool

Simply put your travel keyword in the Google keyword planner.After that select those keywords which provide maximum traffic for your website and that keywords must in your content.

Google Keyword planner is good tool to find new keywords. Use this tool to find keywords for your website. This tool provide the information about competition of keyword and monthly local searches. This in formation is important for selecting keywords.

  • Focus on Good Phrases
  • Avoiding Vanity Keywords
  • Using Google's Wonder Wheel
  • The Value of Repetition
  • Guiding Your Content Strategy

use keywords related to your website services and these must be relevent according to pages. Check the competition and searches of that keyword.... use keyword Planner tool

The keywords should be relevant and focused to the topic. Use long tail keywords instead of single or two word keywords because suggested keyword is searched more than proper keyword. Use keywords with more number of monthly searches and less competition. This will help you to attain high ranking in SERP.

You can select keywords for your site using some tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Wordpot, and Keyword Competitor’s Keyword Tool etc.

Keyword Planner will help you to select keywords according to your site....

Good question my friend. I'm happy to share my experience with you because I worked for one of the Singapore client for a transport department i.e taxi.

A. First you have to know the two-end destinations i.e (pickup & drop point locations)
B. Select keywords which are of famous places in that area (also you need to provide service)

Important note: The way you select the domain is also very important and I would like you to go with exact match domain.
Example: If you're providing taxi service in Singapore you're domain should be singaporetaxiservice.

Hope you got my ideas.

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