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Help let me know about Google Analytic, what is this and what its importance in SEO, please share your feedback on this topic.

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Google Analytics is a tool Provided By google to capture the Hits on your website by people,how long they stay on your page, and which page of your website is most openend by Internet Users and it is very Imp in SEO because SEO simply menas Advertising your Website over Internet and to bring customer on your Page.. and Ananlytics show you the result!!!

Google Analtic is tool for analyzing traffic rate of website

Google Analytics is very important for SEO. Becasue of you know how much traffic & visitor you get very day.

Google Analytics is measurment of your site visitor and Hits for ur site..most IMP. in seo and big advantage of it is a free digital analytics solutions for everyone.

Google Analytics gives you some insight over incoming traffic to your website. It gives you some analysis and graphs about the visitors. Yes, it works for blog visitors as well

Google Analytics is a tool provided by the google that generates detailed statistics about the website's traffic.

Google Analytic is a service provided by Google that give you brief analysis of what is going throught your site. I will help you in understanding the traffic you are getting etc..... you can also keep the track of your website ranking in the Google search engine.

Google Analytics is a method offered by google that gives detailed statistics about website traffic.

Google Analytics is a technique given by the google it gives us the static detailed information about website traffic.

Google analytics helps you to better know your website's traffic. you can track any URL you want to by adding anaytics code into the website source page. It will display all website traffic demographcally, geographically , search queries used etc.

Google analytics is a popular stat tracking program offered by Google. If you are running a site then get active with analytics. The key to your website being more successful is being able to track the results of your activities and look into the finer details of the who when and why of site visits. Actually you can get Analytics certified and the intermediate class is starting sometime this month.

It is a technique offered by google that gives detailed information about website traffic.

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