Hai everyone. I am new to this foru. Is there any online tool to identify the keyword ranking position of a website.

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I'd use google. It's easy and it's accurate. Just make your search to 100 results per page and do a ctrl + find for the site, you can hover your mouse over the cached link to indentify the position. Look for cd=number

Number is the ranking position

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Yes, you can find your website rankings with smallseo tools.

There is a free software called link-assistant which helps you to find the ranking position of your keyword.

Hopefully, as that post was a year old, he's found one by now. That said, anyone who is running a 'SEO training institute' as his sig suggests should really know the answer already. Unless, of course, it was just sig spam (one visit, one post, never returned to bother with reading the answer...)

Google Adwords has a very powerful keyword suggestion tool. There's others similar to it out there but this one is free and works extremely well when trying to decide on keyphrases to target.

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Hope you are doung well. you can find your website keyword on direct google it is very well trick to proper show your keyword ranking, dont use any tools beacuse that is not proper result.

There is a online tool at moonsy dot com

You can find hundreds of Keyword rank checking tools on google. I generally use small tools or serps.

Link-assistant is a good software to check ranking.

i am used Smallseotools for checking the keywords ranking.

Keyword planner will help you to get useful keywords for your website.

Keyword planner is the most effective method to search about the number of searching

Also there is a site called Allpositions. There you can check your positions in different SE SERP. It`s has free version for testing..I use it

<quote>I have 5 sites and want to mainly just learn the part about linking sites from the same class C IPs. How do I know if they share the same Class "C" IP?</quote>

You can use the NetPeak cheker to see what is the IP of the site. Also, you can use there function to explore the IPs of list of sites))

Use SERPTrends SEO Extension Addon in Firefox browser to know the keyword position of a website.

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