Hello all!
Thank you for interested my topic.
I'm using Pay per Click code so i need more visitors.
I want to find some site to buy traffic by Credit Cards or free submit.
If good , you can teach me threads or step by step to SEO website. thank you

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10,000 daily ... its not gonna happen unless you're budget is not $20 for that =D PPC is expensive plus all those guys offering bulk traffic like that sends in fake hits .. try getting in some real traffic and that is only achieveable by submitting to directories forums and lil bit of advertising with Google.. takes time =)

Your right, not likely to get 10,000/day
You must have a really great site for that.. With a huge budget too..

even if u get your desired target of 10000 /daily accomplished .............
than the chances of having a fake traffic is inevitable
do some ink building it will help and have a sensible budget too as the other members suggested youuu......
wish you luck

whats your budget.

It's a good idea not to buy traffic. Because it can be dengerous for your PPC business even it can destory it. Go through the PPC Company's Terms and condition before buying any traffic. Specially Google has a hard policy about Traded Traffic.
If you don't have good content you can't develop traffic. You should go for making good content traffic should be gathered organically. Moreover Research showed that these Traded traffic don't click as the organic Traffic does. Unless your Traffic clicks through the ads you don't get paid. Waste of money.

I believe that is true you should try link building it is the best traffic.

Use PayPerClick Traffic such as Adwords, MSN Adcenter, YSM...

Inbound links will help you. Aim for several thousand-ten thousand if you wish to generate massive amounts of traffic.

Try to have different streams of traffic for your website... I don't want to say the same over again. their is many tips on this forum...

But since this is a cool forum, I will give some tips again...

no1, if you have money for ppc, rather outsource it or learn some copywriting to improve your click thru rate from the ads..

no2, when you get a click from ppc ads, do you want the vistor to buy from your site or visit your blog or sign up to your email list..

no3, you need to find niche keywords not your one keyword bid.. their are to many people that buys the same keywords and pay so much money for that

no4, visitors are getting sick of going to site that does not say what ppc ads say. This is how you waste money.

no5, you must track and test your ads. Create 3 ads , and do split testing, to see which one converts more.

no6, run you ads for 30 days and not for 1 week. Using this will also tell you if their is demand for your service or product..

no7, their are so many ebooks online about ppc, you need to learn to write good pulling ads, so the person wants to click on it. And also provide info on what the service is.

hope this help

The best way is to work on the PageRank and that takes time

you can use cheap PTR sites that offer low budget packages , this will be suitable and u will make profit

I agree that you should be careful in buying traffic as it can negatively affect your ranking on Ggle. It is best to focus on adding quality content, Article distribution, and overall link building. It might take a year to get 10,000 a month but you will get there. I don't know about 10,000 a day though.

It has taken me nearly 7 months to get 700 unique visits a month and it has been purely manual work until now.

what is your spending budget?

I agree. It is not not easy to receive 10,oo visitors daily instantly. There are no short cuts . Pay per click campaigns like Google Adwords can ddifnately help but getting that many hits will require an enormous budgets. There are many companies that receive this kind of traffic form Google Adwords alone. However these are businesses with a very high marketing budget and their business model allows spending thousands per month on Pay per click advertising.

I think I can be safe to assume you do not have a Pay per click budget of thousands per month. As such there will be no sort-cuts but instead you will need to have a long term strategic organic search engine optimization campaign. For the short term while the organic search engine ranking grows you can use a mix of Pay per click advertising to get some traffic. I Would strongly advise utilising mainstream sources such as Google Adwords. You can choose a low maximum click cost and try to display ads more in content network network which seems to have much lower PPC charge. Banner advertisements on popular websites in your industry will also help.

even if u get your desired target of 10000 /daily accomplished .............
than the chances of having a fake traffic is inevitable
do some ink building it will help and have a sensible budget too as the other members suggested youuu......
wish you luck

Agree. Fake traffic will result to less conversion.

article marketing
social bookmarking(Digg,delicious)
video marketing
ppc(if you really know what you are doing)
social networking sites (Facebook,twitter)
All above methods will help you getting good traffic

10000/day u can olny achive with very good content on your site, even if u pay for clients or backlinks and your pages having nothing new that will be just good traffic for a month

Consider facebook advertising.

PPC is the short term to get traffic so if you want real organic traffic then you need to do seo for this purpose you need to do on page optimization and off page optimization. These are the main strategies which you can use and it will help to bring lot of traffic on your website

If you want to increase traffic to your site, than get a SEO specialists for it. and you can also get listed your site in various forums.

You can buy visitor on somes sites

I am using for paper click on Adwords, MSN Adcenter, YSM to increase my traffic

You can try redirecting traffic to your website as well. It's an effective and a quite fast way to acquire real traffic.

pls do not buy traffic it can create problem in long run website progress.you can easily make good traffic through improve all enements of ur site & also making qualityful link, take time for improving page rank which will help u.

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