Which will be more beneficial for my new developed website? I am bit confused between SEO and PPC. Should I go for PPC because I want immediate results or can SEO also provide instant results for my website to rank better and quickly?

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SEO takes some time as comparison of PPC. PPC is the immediate result technique. But SEO is more beneficial than PPC because SEO gives long term result.

PPC will give you targeted traffic and leads within a week or so.But seo takes a long time to get the expected result.Also there can be many changes while expecting the result since there has been a lot of google updates lately.If you plan on spending for the website then i would reccommend ppc.

According to get quick result, you may choose PPC. SEO is also play a major role for target audience but it is time consuming process compare to PPC.

PPC is best. Because it gives instant results.

If you want immediate results then PPC is the best option. Even you will get desirable results whenever you run campaign in Google but SEO will offer you long time results. It is hard to get quick rank in search engines through SEO.

If you are looking for getting traffic in long run start with SEO then later on start PPC. Because nothing can beat orgainc traffic to your website. And to get organic traffic to your website and if looking to rank higher in SERP use keywords

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