I noticed some spam links towards a competitor's website. When I tried to create same links for a website it did not take me more than 5 minutes to create 8 of such links.

I created only these 8 spam links while continued my regular hard work SEO effort for site promotion.

But after few days when I rechecked my website back links, I was shocked to see 100s of spam backlinks to my site….

Does it really happen that you create some/few spam links and these get multiplied to create a network of spam links around the website…

I am really worried, coz this could mean my website would be penalized for spamming black hat SEO techniques…

Remove those toxic links as soon as possbile. Otherwise you may be pennilized by Google.

You may use any tools to remove this links, and Don't worry Google doen't make any plenty if those links are not been made by you. but now make some relevant work ot increase your site populartiy

Google will not penalize the website.You can contact the site owners through mail and ask them to remove the links. Or else use google disavow tool to remove the spam links.

You may use Google Disavow tool to remove those spammy backlinks. But, before going for the disavow tool option, try to contact website webmasters via mail and request them to remove your links from their website.

Backlinks have been increased from 8 to 100 mainly because of one pages there could be one than one path to reach to that particular page.

No worry - you can disalow all links from that domain pointing to your website by using Google Disavow tool.

And also before disavowing any links I would strongly suggest you to check the SPAM QUALITY of your backlinks , a new featured added in opensiteexplorer.org

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