Hello everyone. We did lot of work in our daily life on our sites for high rank and for google top. But our work not give us good results as we think,this is because we made back links from not good sites. We get thousands of backlinks through our manual work, if we give links from higher sites then it gives us good results. we generate thousands of backlinks but all links not gives us good rank it is because we not select good sites for backlinks. So i suggest all SEO expert and site owners, first collect good sites for backlinks and then work on sites if you have 500 to 1000 strong backlinks then then through strong backlinks sites comes on top and give you more real traffic.

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submit your link on the high pr websites.

I should clarify that link building is an off-page SEO activity and as the OP points out is a pointless pursuit in an effort to attain high rankings.

Before submitting your link in any site please check whether the Domain Authority is greater than 50 or not. If Its Domain Authority is good then the link juice will pass to your site.

Social bookmarking as well as press release submissions this are the best way to get High Pr backlinks and it will be constant.

Social bookmarking as well as press release submissions this are the best way to get High Pr backlinks and it will be constant.

On-page is the one of the SEO Techniques.It is used to optimize the website to get rank in search engines.

For best offpage results you need to have more links on the high Pr sites.

I agree with you that quality of backlinks is more important than quantity. We must try to get backlinks from good sites.

Submit your site to high pr sites from 4-8 , this will get you high quality backlinks and your search engine ranking will increase along with high quality traffic.

Backlinks are very important to rank website. But while doing link building we must take care that we are getting links from good website. Because quality of website is more important than quantity of website.

On Page Optimization covers what can be done on the pages of the website itself and Off Page Optimization covers which covers activity that takes place elsewhere like link building.
On Page Seo Checklist-
Start with keyword selection, research and testing.
Meta description Tag
ALT Tags
Header Tags
URL Structure
Internal Linking Strategy

link building is an off page optimization technique . and if you are linked with some highly ranked websites so you will start seeing results very soon. and on page seo includes: keyword analysis, keyword research,meta tags , alt tags, header tags, urls and much more....

Technique to create online existance of your business...

In my point of view, Google expecting their search results as quality one.Do better link building as well search engine friendly website.

In SEO quality of links is important than quantity of links so we must get links from good website. Directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission etc are good techniques to get backlinks to website.

Start with on-page optimization
1. keyword analysis
2. content optimization
3. alt tag

On Page- SEO
Always start with keyword selection, research and testing
Meta Description tag
ALT tags
H1 tags
URL structure
Internal linking strategy
Keyword density
Site maps, both XML and user facing
Usability and accessibility
Track target keywords

Avoid SEO mistakes

Duplicate content
URL variants of the same pages
Off-site images and content on-site
Duplicate title tags

In my thinking onpage is most important thing in the seo world.

Its really confusing me that the topic Title is ON page SEO and the starting post is based on link building which is a Off page SEO activity. Anyway, First of all we should to do On page SEO for a site then after we should to concentrate on Off page SEO work.

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