Can anyone please provide me the genuine information if we are doing quality work then why websites is declining day by day. It was on the first page of google, but now it is seen on second page. Can I bring on first page. Please suggest. what tehniques should i do.

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If your site has a good amount of competition and there is frequent updation from your competitor then your site goes back. The only thing you have to do is to update your site and in due course of time it would come back to the first page.

The best answer (I hope), a google webmaster tools account: verify ownership; submit the sitemap; and let google tell you every fault they see in your site, (every time google changes the search algorithm)

all instructions on the google page
we, can guess closely, but why not have google tell you everything; including a set of 'similar sites' you can check

As almostbob points out, you want to have a Google Webmaster Tools account where you can make sure that google currently understands your site structure and your navigation.

Beyond that, I would inspect the sites that are newly ranking above you, and see if you can compare what they might be doing better. For example, do they load quicker? Do they have fewer ads above the fold? Are their articles longer?

Use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to track what keywords you used to rank for, and which you now do, and that should give you a significant amount of data to figure out which other sites' webpages to investigate and compare head to head against your own pages and for which keywords.

May be its occure, if your competitor wroks hard on their site, compare to you. its pssible. Check your site in various parameter for update if it is require. You will get sure result.

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