How do you beat competitor website on google.In the way of, he is in first postion in the the Google because of his reviews. So how can i beat him(website) with the seo process.Is there any link building or seo related work has to be done? Am expecting you give the good answer for this..>thanks

Don't think that you have to beat your competitor's website while you should think that you have to take first position.

Backlinks play great role in ranking. So, check competitor's backlinks source and try to get backlinks from those sources for your website. Remember, quality should be first priority while generating backlinks for website. Google use more than 200 factors to rank a website you can get more info about those factors at here:
I hope, it will be helpful for you.

You need to create more backlinks than the competition. Try any backlink checker on the web and see how many backlinks your competitor has, and from where he gets those backlinks, and just follow his strategy.

Don't think to beat your competitor, Just try to create a quality and unique content which people like to share and read. It will automatically generate quality and natural links to your website. Remember that natural and quality backlinks are key to get ranking so don't go after cheap link building techniques, create good content and share them with people.

Is this for a local business that is heavily dependant on reviews?

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