Is there any basic qualification for SEO analyst ??

No . Their is not any qualification need foe seo . You must have passion of internet marketing to be a good SEO

Yes there is no basic qualification for the SEO but you must have good knowledge of computer ,internet and understanding of SEO.

Well, there is one. You need to be passionate and needless to say intelligent enough to understand how search engines work.

ohh ...nice replies guys .thanks you for your info :-)

No..There is not need for any qualification required but need for good knowledge for internet and how to work search engine.

No . You don't need any qualification . it need only experience to works with sites

Funny nowadays how many Internet marketers think they are performing search engine optimizastion. Someone who can spam blog posts with hyperlinked comments is performing SEO. In some corners, any person that can list web pages in 100 dumpster directories in one day is an expert search engine optimiser. Email marketers somehow think they are practicing SEO. A guy that can generate Facebook likes is performing search engine optimisation. Seems like most people that that SEO is all about link building and has absolutely nothing to do with content or HTML tags or copy writing. In my opinion, most search engine optimizers in 2011 have no real search engine skills, they can't rank sites worth beans but can still manage to exist and create the facade that they are doing something of value. It's beyond me.

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