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Past one week before a friend of mine used a technique called infographics in Seo. I have searched about infographics in google but i didnt get a clear idea. Anyone please explain me a clear idea about infographics, Why it used?, how to use it? and what is the benefit of infographics in Seo?

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Data or information respresented in a graphical form, in order to make it more interesting for viewers is called infographics.Information is conveyed in an understandable and interactive form. In the aspects of SEO, it is beneficial for powerful link aquisition.

To answer your questions:
1. What are infographics?
Infographics are an indepth way of communicating an idea or content in a visual form
2. Why does it work for SEO?
Google and Bing both love images; when you see on-page seo advice about keywording images. It's because search engines rate images extremely high in their algorithm. By providing infographics on a regular basis; you are getting the best of all worlds - you can link them to your pinterest (SMM), keyword them (on-page), and you are still providing content which in 2014 is king
3. How to Use it?
Create your own infographics, post them as individual blog entries, share them to Pinterest/Instagram/wherever you are focusing social media efforts. If they are good they will get shared and thus create contextual inbound links to your website.
4. The benefits of to SEO
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