I know that there's mention of this date in another thread I started here, but I wanted to draw attention to it.

We lost 50% of our traffic on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012, and haven't recovered since. That day I don't believe lines up with a Google Panda algorithm update (which we were hit by and recovered from in the past). I got some confirmation that other forums were hit on the same day as me.

Does anyone know what happened that day? Any feedback appreciated!

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The update on that day has been kept a corporate secret.

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The update on that day has been kept a corporate secret.

I did some research on this day Dani and unfortunately nothing was announced by Google - except for the #22 Panda update. I did read somewhere, it may have to do with your hosting server (which seems illogical) and I did hear that those effected recovered. You want to submit your site to Google and see why your ranking was effected.

According to moz.com


Panda #22 - November 21, 2012: After some mixed signals, Google confirmed the 22nd Panda update, which appears to have been data-only. This came on the heels of a larger, but unnamed update around November 19th.

I think I was hit by that "unnamed" update :(

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