i want to know that meta tags such as the title tag meta keywords,and the meta description charactor limit change for the different browse. please share your views

Title tag has limit upto 70 but if you use upto 60 charecter then its good for discription you can use 165 charcter and nowadayes there is no use of meta keywword.basicly you cn say only title discription in importent and somewhere meta discription.

Best SEO practices as indicated by Moz and Google-
Meta Title- n more than 70 char
Meta Description - no more than 154 (Moz recommendation) or 160 (Google recommendation)

Title tags - 60 to 70
Meta tags description - 160 to 180 characters

Meta Title :- 60 to 70 characters
Meta description: 160 to 170 characters

thanks you all for your kind supports

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