I've just started working on SEO for my sites, but I have problems in my first attempt.
I signed int to Google Webmaster tools...added a site and verified it successfully. My site even started appearing on Google Search and within a very short time, it was on the first page results!

But then it disappeared from Google Search.Even if I search for site:kilivacation.com its not showing up, Google says there is no such a site..if you are owner....

Going into Google Webmaster tools, if I go to Crawl -->robots.txt Tester, I get the error "You have a robots.txt file that we are currently unable to fetch. In such cases we stop crawling your site until we get hold of a robots.txt, or fall back to the last known good robots.txt file"

If I look at the sitemap (still in Google Webmaster) I now see an error "Network unreachable: DNS issue"

I also see Crawl Errors "Network unreachable: DNS issue"

Fetch as Google says "Status: Temporarily Unreachable"

My site is www.kilivacation.com.

Site shows up in the first page results of Bing with no problem.
How can I solve this Google Search problem?
Thanks for any inputs.

it can be as simple as propogation time, DNS servers take time to react to the construction of new sites, or the changing of site structure.
very likely the links may simply not have reached google yet

sitemap submission to the webmaster tools page will increase depth of googlebot access

commented: Thank you very much. I'll see if more time solves DNS issue. +2
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This has also happened to me when I had temporary DNS issues. Check your DNS status again in WT and look at the timeline. You can easily see how many errors and for how many days it lasted.

Your site now shows in Google.

BTW, I noticed your site displays with both the www and without. You should choose one and set a redirect either in your httpd.conf file (if you have access) or in your root .htaccess file.

commented: Thank you very much. Can you guide me on the redirect part? what is it and what is it good for?Thanks. +2

Well, I wonder why you are unable to see your site over the google I have tried searching and it's showing your site over the search results.

commented: Thank you very much for offering to help. +2

Hi all!

Thank you all for your inputs. Yes, I'm surprised now the site shows up in Google first page results (key:. My last attempt was to remove in my Google Webmaster Tools dashboard and adding it up again. Glad now it shows up. But I have still been receiving daily emails from Google saying

"http://www.kilivacation.com/: Googlebot can't access your site
Over the last 24 hours, Googlebot encountered 18 errors while attempting to access your robots.txt. To ensure that we didn't crawl any pages listed in that file, we postponed our crawl. Your site's overall robots.txt error rate is 64.3%."

But at least now I have 64.3%, I used to have 100%! I hope it stays there and get better.

HappyCat, more help please with the last part of your comment, how do I do the redirect? What is it good for? (My only access is through cpanel so I think all I have is the .htaccess)

Thank you everyone.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]
  1. turns on rewrite
  2. if the link does not start with www
  3. replace link with www and 301 permanently moved

for SEbots it transfers most of the non-www link's mojo to the www version

Inform google directly in your webmaster tools panel

commented: Thank you very much. I was able to read about this and implement. Now it works and I hope for the best. Thanks. +2

@savedlema; go into your Google Webmasters Account and click on the left where it says "Crawl", then select the subcategory "Crawl Errors"; it should tell you exactly the pages that Google is having problems crawling.

As for the DNS problems, I can't add much more value to solving your problem then what others above have suggested. However I would suggest that you discuss the issues with your webhost. To me I would assume if Google is having problems with your DNS servers something is going on with your hosts domain name servers.

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Well, @friends this question has already been marked as solved so I don't think that there is any need for further comments.

It may have been marked solved, but in thir last post the OP stated "more help please" which suggests that there is, indeed, a need for further comments...

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almostbob, Thank you very much. I was able to read about this and implement. Now it works and I hope for the best. Thanks.

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