I have uploaded my sitemap in google webmaster tools.It only indexed very less pages.Then how i believe that sitemap can work well.Is there any site to submit my sitemaps.?
Can any Expert have answer On this Question?

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Googlebots have read the sitemap, and discarded duplicate, and low value pages.
Improve the value (content) of the un-indexed pages and resubmit the sitemap
sitemap bombing, like any other black or grey SEO tool, will get you delisted. No third party site can guarantee you any better result than the google webmaster tools reports

we had submitted several times..and quality is good..its products and are unique..also it has all tags and descriptin nd keywords still...same Problem exsists....any Opinions!!

Google does not index every page of every site, that would be a duplicate of the web in size
there are a representative sample of the site, the more inbound links you validly get, the more pages will be indexed.
the more often you resubmit the same site, the more likely your are to offend some term of service at the search engine and get downgraded

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