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What tool should I use to find out no-dofollow? Though I have installed seo quake. But I am thinking it's enough to appreciate the sites?

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Well, can't understand actually what you are tring to talk over there no-dofollow ?? Are you trying to find out nofollow and do follow links for your site ?? If you are then you can try using ahrefs its a good tool for such information.

@Kelly Burby thanks for your suggestions. I tried to find outno-dofollow using no-dofollow finder (seo quake). But still I am not clear about this.

You can install NoDoFollow :: Add-ons for Firefox and NoFollow - Chrome extension,

Nice to hear greet suggestion from all of them. I'll definitely follow your direction and tools fo find out no-dollow in order to get better services.

Remember, Always don't believe in tools to find the link which is nofollow or dofollow. Try to do it in manual by checking whether the link has no follow tag or not?

@shapna.patel fantastic idea! You logic has caught my attention.

I am using the nofollow extension in Chrome and it tells me exactly the nofollow links. But if you want to be sure, you can check the tag manually.

how about mozbar extensions @gyles

Thaks @OtisGross but I use Mozile Firefox not Chrome.

There is also an extension in Firefox. Just download it.

the best way is to just go back to the code. like on flickr i noticed when u put a link its no follow. but no follow links are still useful u know

@advent_geek I didn't use mozbar extension ever. So, no idea at all.

Yea, I am also using mozbar extension aside from nofollow extension and it tells exactly the nofollow links. You can try those extensions so you can figure it out what's best for you.

There are two ways to find if the link is diffollow or nofollow which are

  1. Using nofollow adon /extension

    1. Using source code.
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