I am new in SEO. I need to know everything about SEO. How to work on it and how can I get my website into google 1st page. Can anyone there who can help me to do so. Waiting for a better response from you.

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There is nobody who can answer my thread?

Well, I would say there are two things in SEO on page and off page I would say better to first know about the ON page and OFF page, if I start explaining things over here then it will be way more longer, so do one things head over the Search Engine Land and start reading all the post available over, as this will help you in getting the idea how things are going on !

Well advised. I really appreciate your comments. Definitely I'll follow your say. Thank You!!!

Its impossible to learn SEO overnight;over 2-3 months you could get a feel for it but you still wouldnt know it all. Especially when the SEO world is constantly evolving.

I know it if I want to be master on any topics and any subjects then shortest times isn't enough for me. I'll defintely give a lot's of time behinds it. Thanks for your well adviesed.

You can read MOZ blog, ahref seo Digest and WEB SEO analytics for read top news of SEO.

My Suggestions are,

For On Page,
You Should Learn Html tags (like h1 to h6, img, link, p)
You Must aware about Unique Content, Keyword,

For Off Page,
Need to know Search Engine Submissions, Forum Posting, Q/A, Knowledge to use analytics tool, webmaster tool, social media

Just Google it the terms i have mentioned above, you will learn seo.

i found it here the following post, hope it should help you


There are several blogs about SEO that you can read. You can always check for the latest techniques at Moz Blog, SEO Blog by SEO Book, SEO Blogs & Feeds by Search Engine Land and more.

Hi Gyles, there are many blogs out there which can help you out learn about SEO. but I would prefer you to check these top Internet marketing and SEO blog that will definitely help you out. Start from basic, then proceed with intermediate and advance. http://thenextscoop.com/top-internet-marketing-seo-blogs/

Yup things are way more simplified then previously all the major bulk submissions has now been put onto end and what now left is more and more content marketing ! Creating a blog or a site with rich content quality is something which is put on top of the list....

Google make the rules: >75% of all searches make all other SE irrelevant
What Google says is SEO
Register your site with Google Webmaster tools and let the ones that make the rules provide an itemised list of what you need to make your site comply with the rules
Google do most of your SEO for you
Its a bloody good start

then read the sticky Read Me before you ask for review, code compliant sites rank better in SER
Its a good middle

The end, thats up to you, in the links and notes above

There are users on the forum, with no idea, but a signature that tells of their Guru-ness.
Two posted to this thread, the two that had nothing to offer, even to try to help.
Its good to state your a beginner, when you are, Kudos Gyles.

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