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Let's get to the question ... I am wondering if it is possible to build links or get higher ranking doing PPC. this is my theory, why don't people spend money on PPC to get visits and then those visitors will do SEO for them by linking to them and what ever effects ranking instead of hiring an SEO agent. you are going to spend money eventually, why not PPC?

I wonder if any of you tried this before or see it as a good idea? I haven't tried it yet, but I am planning to. Please share your thoughts :) ...

It's just that SEO agents are expensive. I have hired before, and they were expensive. For $99 USD you can do some basic SEO, what if you spend that on PPC. Don't you think that some visitors will link to your website???

Thanks for reading

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Well @Farris I would say building links with the helps or PPC?? I don't really think its possible at all ! Look PPC(Pay Per Click) its more like an ad thing rolling over the Search Engine, when you opt for PPC over certain keywords like I select "mobile go wild" keyword and also consider this keyword is most clicked all over the world now I head over to the search engine and search for "mobile go wild" what search engine will give me is they are going to show you ad on top of the SERPs ! Now the logical thing, tell me how many time your click over the paid results appearing ?? I would say it's very likely that you tap over ! So, the motto behind running PPC goes null ! Anyway the good thing is that it doesn't mean that you will ne not get traffic but the thing is the traffic you will get wouldn't have that much chances of conversion! Getting an SEO hired to do that means no doubt you are flowing cash out of your pocket but the results of SEO is something which is permanent and last longer than the PPC campaings usually PPC campaings give you results only by the time you have dollar in your pocket and as you ran out of it you are off the business. But with SEO's things are different good SEO means you will keep getting the conversions even when you drop the SEO people working over it ! But the thing which needs to be taken care of the people you hire is working in the correct manner not to make you show that hey look we are getting you conversion, as there are several black hat tricks that can put you over the top of the results and later what you get is nothing !

PPC can boost traffic and visibility, also it can boost brand awareness (If use properly). If your website is good, bounce rate will be low, and the traffic will convert. That will be an indicator of trust, and also its one of the ranking factors. In this case PPC can help SEO.

Well said @Kelly, @FarrisFahad if you are using PPC, it would help some period of time till your $money$ going to zero, Once the money is zero your ad won't show anywhere after that your strategy could be fail, if you hire One Professional SEo for some decent amount, definitely it will be worther than ppc. Because with his excellance and experience you can get a organic traffic which will Decrease your Bounce rate and even helpful to increase your conversion rate.

I think best way is to engage people in a meaningful manner.I personally not even want to see first 10 lines after i google anything because i know they have been put there for advertisment.And that is surly going to consume my time.We dont go online to see adds.But we surly do go online to see meaningful information and their lies the secret .
When anybody gets meaningful information he or she never minds if one or two advertisments are their.And more importantly if advertisment is put- even if to boost a website trafic-in between the sentence which user thinks will help him if he or she clicks it is better than to empty the pocket .Goal is not to empty the pocket goal is meaningful conversion.

usually the people who visit your website from ppc are clients who wont link to your site, they just want to buy the product or service you are offering
ppc is a good marketing tool to get clients when your site is not ranking
ppc does not affect seo rankings in anyway, if it did then google can be sued because it will be favoring its products

This was best explained to me a few years back: Doing PPC or email marketing or any other type of "point and shoot" tactics to get people to your site can be effective if you hit the right person, thus resulting in a sale. However, if you optimize your site and increase your SERPs to page 1, you have effectively drilled a "traffic well" which brings the people searching for what you offer, right to your page.

@FarrisFahad you have asked a really good question.

I don't think PPC will help you in SEO in a shorter time. I am not totally denying this posibilities that PPC will never help you in SEO.

*It will help you - *
When you have really good website / products and your services are just out standing .

Then what will happen:

SEO will take time to bring your website in Google first page. But through PPC you can show your website in Google first page and you can reach to the potential customers.

Now what?

Once people liked the products / services that you are offering, then they might talk about your products in social media or review your website / services/ products on their blogs - which will build natural backlinks to your website

and Google will reward your website for this in terms of better online visibility

But keep in mind, this will not happen in 1 month or 2 months or 3 months.
Users will take time to really notice your website.

All the best.

To those who are curios about this strategy. I have tested this strategy in the past year or so and I found out that it didn't work. At least for my website. I have a funny pictures website. So I bought traffic from AdWords for the keyword: funny pictures. This keyword have a high volume at about 1 million searches a month.

In terms of SEO, it didn't help. I bought ads for $250.00 USD for about 4 months. And I didn't see a single backlink to my website that I haven't built. People where browsing the website and registering, but they were not linking to me.

As @danielmav said. This could only work for products that have something very interesting about it. Then the website could be linked to and might have a bit of word of mouth. But it won't work if you have an average website. It only works on amazing websites.

You can use PPC to send people to great looking content pages. If those pages are able they can earn links and other quality signals that induce an effect on SEO.

That’s a better SEO strategy than just publishing the content and not trying tdepictow it to people.

Equally, brand building is possible through PPC. You can preface a new brand or even product and service ideas in response to keyword searches even if that might be an expensive approach.

Thanks you

yes i have experimented it. i have one post ranked on 18th position so bring it up i tested with running PPC and selected the keyword i was ranking on 18th.

Magically the keyword which was stuck in 18th position came to 8th position. So this proves that PPC improves our organic ranking.

yes, PPC can help SEO. PPC assist you for boost traffic on your website & it also helps you for buils branding.

Some kind of yes like PPC improve your branding so that it helps to boost traffic which helps in SEO.

PPC is page per click. Banner ads will be shown by publisher sites. If any user clicks on that banners they will charge some money from investor for displaying ads and clicks.

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