Created a website and its live for more than 1 month now however it is not coming on the first page on google results .

I have done following for its better SEO :

Registered in google analytics
Using google webmasters and indexed it on google
Using sitemap.xml
used meta tags like description ,keywords etc,
used facebook og tags
Used all h1 , h2 ,h3 tags
written a blog which links to the site
added robots.txt
added to stumbleupon.com

Its shows on first page on bing.com only if we search compare files folders text

however site is still not up on first page on google .

I tried looking for my seo results :

https://chkme.com/page-seo-tools shows 100% but pagerank of 0
www.seositecheckup.com gives 75 result with 35 passed 2 warning and 7 failed
http://www.seocentro.com gives 77 score out of 100

It have facebook , google plus , twitter and linkedin shares as well however still never comes on first page of google . I am still wondering why is it not showing up on google results ?

Can someone advice If there is something wrong in it or do i need to add something to the site ?

Thanks in advance !

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You need to realise that the steps you have taken that you've outlined above, your competition has done too.You can't just tick the boxes and sit back and wait to appear on page 1 for a contested search term. It just won't happen.
Alexa scores that site at 20 million. The top result for your search terms scores 45000 (the rest keep increasing from there).
You say its been a month which is not very long to generate a lot of usage data, build up back links or gain credibility with the search engines.
Scooter, the second website, has 45000 back links going by an online tool, your site has none. You can start to see the difference now?
SEO takes a lot of work and time.

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