Hello Webmasters,

This is my site : http://www.ancientpeaks.com

Give me suggestion after review my site, how can i increase site fast in Google.

what i m working for this site to increase sort time in Google.

I hope u will Best Idea and Suggestion to me.

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Use text instead of graphic text as the SE can find little of value to rank your web pages.

You can increase your rank by blog commenting using your keyword phrase in the name section of the form .

Find 100 blogs and start commenting.

Read seo tips and follow them and do hardwork on that....

Use text instead of graphic text

Agree on this since text is readable by spiders. Image can be readable if you also put a text on it. Plus the fact that text is easy to load than in image.

At first glance i dint find any content there. You should keep in mind all the time that google can read content very easily than image. Try to develop some fresh content with suitable keyword.

create attractive and keyword rich(dont spam) title and description, Try to develop some good industrial specific link back for your site.

and continue this task until you get success...patience is the key of SEO...

best of luck

Increase the quality of incoming links and create unique content. More content as far as it's good increases your chances of appearing in searches.

On the homepage you need to write a well constructed and captivating introduction that embodies what your site stands for. This is what's going to make a visitor want to stay. The "content_01.jpg" looks exotic, but it's too large and it took the place of text. You should remember that your site is not a photo gallery.

getting your site to do well in the search engines is not rocket science although it takes effort and time

You need to generate backlinks to your site using the appropriate keywords in your anchor. You can do this via article marketing, directory submissions and social bookmarking

You need to frequently update your pages content

Good luck

Continue to promote your site and get more quality backlinks.

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